Saito Sensei T1 - Recto

Part two of a two-tape set featuring lecture demonstrations by Shoji Nishio and Morihiro Saito and the 1973 All-Japan Aikido Demonstration.

The 1st Friendship Demonstration is one of the most famous aikido demonstrations ever held and features lecture demonstrations by the following top-level shihan: Yasuo Kobayashi, Mitsugi Saotome,Yoshio Kuroiwa, Shoji Nishio and Morihiro Saito.

The Friendship Demonstration which took place in 1985 introduced a new concept where teachers of different backgrounds and affiliations shared their accumulated expertise before a large, appreciative audience. The skill level of the participants in this demonstration is extremely high and their detailed explanations provide an abundance of information that will stimulate your training and understanding of the art. A full English voiceover of the Japanese commentary is included so as to make these tapes accesible to an international audience of aikidoka.

Part two includes the demonstrations of Shoji Nishio and Morihiro Saito.

Bonus Film: 1973 All-Japan Aikido Demonstration

In addition, part two includes a special film feature at the conclusion of the Friendship Demonstration. We have located and remasterd an old 8mm film of the 1973 All-Japan Aikido Demonstration taken 30 years ago. Here is the lineup of famous names appearing in the film: Doshu Kisshomaru Ueshiba, Hiroshi Tada, Kisaburo Osawa, Sadateru Arikawa, Mitsugi Saotome, Seigo Yamaguchi, and Koichi Tohei. This is a rare opportunity to see many aikido greats—some already departed in their primes.

Two bonus films of Morihiro Saito: the first film is a compilation of scenes taken by Aikido Journal Editor Stanley Pranin of Morihiro Saito in the summer of 1969 at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo. In this never-before-seen film, you will experience first-hand the great teaching skills of Saito Sensei at his peak. It is not well-known, but Saito Sensei taught at the Hombu Dojo for nearly ten years.

The second film captures the performance of Saito Sensei at the 1978 All-Japan Aikido Demonstration. His demonstration consisted entirely of iriminage techniques. Saito Sensei’s performance here showcases the power and precision of Iwama Aikido.