Dvd Aiki Jo

Saito Sensei T1 - Recto

- 31 Jo kata,
- 20 Jo suburi,
- 31 Jo kumijo,
- 10 Kumijo,
- 13 Jo awase

This is the second of a two-disc set covering most of the Iwama Aiki Ken and Aiki Jo curriculum expertly demonstrated by Morihiro Saito, 9th dan. These ken and jo forms were compiled and refined by Saito Sensei based on his weapons training directly under Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba. These DVDs present the most detailed instruction available on aikido weapons and clearly depict each sword and staff movement in an easily-understood manner.

This Aiki Jo DVD also features two bonus films. The first film is rare footage taken c. 1964 outdoors in Iwama. Saito Sensei is shown performing taijutsu basics, and ken and jo kata. Saito Sensei is a young 36 years old and this film represents some of the earliest surviving footage of this master.

The second film clip is Saito Sensei’s jo demonstration at the 1981 All-Japan Aikido Demonstration. Saito Sensei appears in front of an audience of thousands and shows the 31 jo kata with awase movements and the kumijo.