. Plasterer by occupation. Teacher of KASHIMA SHINTO-RYU who taught at both the KODOKAN and the KOBUKAN DOJO at the request of Jigoro KANO and Morihei UESHIBA, respectively. Dispatched by current headmaster Koichiro YOSHIKAWA in 1937. Ueshiba's name appears with that of Zenzaburo AKAZAWA on a separate sheet of paper with KEPPAN (blood oath) dated 16 May 1937 in lieu of the official enrollment book. The ichi no tachi (first paired-sword movement) of the Kashima Shinto-ryu school is virtually identical to the first kumitachi taught by Morihiro SAITO, suggesting this school's significant influence on the AIKI KEN of Morihei Ueshiba. See also Hitoshi KODAMA and Kin'ichi IIDA.